Type Ration B737
Vacation 96 days
Level Captain
Basic salary/month 3000 USD
Flight hour fee 200 USD (Domestic) 260 (International)
Flight hour fee=hourly fee* standart flight international time (if pilot performs new internation flight or special flight, flight hour fee is subject to the actual flight time.)
Safety Bonus/month 3000 USD
Flight ticket welfare According to HNA tickets policy

Requirements for the applicant

  • CAAC license holders are preffered. (New candiates will be screened after CAAC license holders)
  •  PIC (Current type rating) : 500+
  • Total flight hours : 3000+
  • Age : Under 50
  • No Criminal Record
  • Diplomatic Country

    Application form*

    The files to be sent must be no more than 3 Mb each and in jpg, pdf, png, doc or docx format.
    If you have any problems submitting the form, write to info@expat-pilot.com We will contact you soon.




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