Minimum Requirements:

  • 3000+ hourstotal time
  • 500+ hours PIC on A320 family
  • Current flight within recent 12 calendar months
  • Age no more than 55
  • ICAO Level 4 or above
  • Medical Class1
  • No accidents or incidents in aviation

Contract Details:

Bonuses and benefits

  • Travel allowance per year: $12000
  • End of year bonus: $12000-23000 (depends on the year of service)
  • Overtime pay (base 80 hours/month): $300/hour

Vocation 90 days/year

  • Monthly salary: $23000

Vocation 110 days/year

  • Monthly salary: $21500

Vocation 120 days/year

  • Monthly salary: $20700

Vocation 130 days/year

  • Monthly salary: $19900

1 month on / 1 month off

  • Monthly salary: $15500

6 weeks on / 3 weeks off

  • Monthly salary: $20500


  • At the beginning and completion of 4 year contract the Pilot is provided with economy class one way ticket on any airlines to travel to and from his home to Tianjin.
  • Health insurance is provided at airlines expense (12.8 million Yuan worldwide coverage except USA)
  • Children education subsidy (70% of tuition fee for up to 2 children) is provided in Tianjin Wellington School. For other Mainland China school subsidy of 1000USD for each child.
  • Loss of license insurance is provided by airlines
  • Safety and annual bonuses are paid at the end of each year of agreement in RMB (equal to sums showed above in USD)  to Pilot’s account in China.
  • Travel allowance is paid every 3 months in USD to Pilot’s international account.
  • During the ground school (before released as solo captain) the Monthly fee is reduced by 40% (for CAAC ATPL holders is reduced by 20%).
  • During line training (before released as solo captain) the Monthly fee is reduced by 20%.
  • 1/2 of  salary is paid directly by Tianjin Airlines to account in China. 1/2 of  salary will be paid transferred to any  account designated by Pilot.
  • 30 standby (ID75) tickets on Tianjin or Hainan domestic flight system. Jumpseat available for Domestic routes of HNA Group airlines.
  • If the Pilot desires to receive funds to several accounts, the additional wire transfer fees shall be paid by the Pilot at the rate of $60 each.