Why Choose Us

  • The company was founded by active Captains flying in China.
  • We provide an outstanding service to pilots and help them through the entire process, from initial application to signing the final contract as a pilot in China. 
  • Personal attention given to every candidate ensures smooth guidance through selection and interview process.
  • Local support throughout the duration of the contract. We will assist you even after you have signed your contract and start flying. 

What We Offer

  • Flexible contract conditions
  • Direct communication with airlines staff reduces hiring time
  • Airlines doctor consultations regarding medical examination in China (health requirements).
  • China ATPL Exam preparation (materials, consultations, strategies)
  • Simulator check training and preparation
  • Local support

Our Mission

  • Ensure our pilots are fully satisfied with their career and life in China
  • Assist airlines find the high-quality aviation professionals they are looking for